Conversations On Conscious Change

Change Is Constant! In every area of Life and Living We all know that. Be it Work, Relationships, Career, or Business. Nothing is Status Quo. No one is wrong or right in any of these situations, however, our approach and attitude create a catalysing effect on the outcome.

What we are going to be talking about here is, can we Truly Change and Transform our way of Being Our Way Of Thinking, Our Way of Looking at things What we thought as not Possible, is it Actually Possible, Are we the Possibility that Changes Everything when we are Aware Consciously?

"Change is Constant! Changing, However, Change is A Personal Choice" ~ Jennifer Randive The Maverick CEO

Who am I?
And why would you like to listen to me or my guests?

I personally have been through so much change and transformation and continue to do so. With every challenge or change I have experienced, I came out greater stronger and more aware.

Being extremely curious by nature, I have been in the habit of asking questions, and I used that curiosity in the work I did for over 25 years and still do today. I was an executive search and selection consultant a headhunter. That was my business.

My business then took a turn and from being a search and selection consultant, I chose to be a Change and Transformational Consultant. That Change I experienced in 2012.

Change has hit the whole world so how are we coping with it?

We are not just business people, we are first PEOPLE, we all go through all kinds of Change, yet some of us choose to refuse to get to the bottom of what is causing us to be stuck and this could be in any area of your life and living.

The purpose of this Podcast is to Awaken Awareness and to really get off the Hamster Wheel We Have Been On that we have called our life.

Stop, Listen, And Choose To Be Inpired to be A Grander Version Of YOU!

I invite you to start with you, Without you no one else can get you.

Time for Change Is Here And Now, Might As Well Be Consciously Aware About It.

Look forward to having to you tuning in on my show! What Inspiration Innovation can Contribution can we be for each other...